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      1. Our People Operations Platform

        As a department, HR encompasses a lot. From defining paid leave policies to measuring pay equity, the work is strategic and complex. To do it well, you need powerful HR solutions. Enter Namely.

        What’s Namely?

        Powerful HR software for mid-sized companies—designed to be used by everyone, every day.


        How can Namely help your business?

        Namely covers your essential HR needs and compliance requirements in one place. It helps you recruit, onboard, and manage your employees; ensure they get paid; and offer perks to attract and retain them.

        People Operations Platform

        Time off tracking, org charts, and a social news feed.
        platform overview hr


        Enrollment, consulting, and compliance.
        platform overview benefits


        Tax filings, W-2s, and benefits deductions.
        platform overview payroll

        Talent Management

        Easy onboarding, goals, and performance reviews.
        platform overview talent

        Time & Attendance

        Time clocks, scheduling, and reporting.
        platform overview time

        HR Compliance

        Live HR advisors, learning management, and compliance best practices.
        compliance dashboard


        Benchmarking, dashboards, and customizable reports.
        analytics dash dropshadow-BA
        img all-in-one 2x platform overview
        platform overview img other-systems 2x
        img mobile other-systems 2x-platform-overview

        What about other business systems?

        With our open API, you can pull the data you need into the platform, which means everything from your Applicant Tracking System to your 401(k) is part of the puzzle.

        Namely acts as your singular system of record, powering your entire company.

        Can everyone really use Namely?

        Yes. It’s designed to be powerful for employees, HR, and company leadership.

        Employees and managers can self-serve their HR needs. Requesting PTO, performance reviews, and appreciating coworkers has never been easier.

        platform overview time off requsts
        platform overview ppo-hsa

        HR has limitless access to the platform. Everything from setting up open enrollment to running payroll is just a click away.

        Company leaders can gain insight into happenings across the entire org, including diversity and performance data, thanks to robust analytics.

        platform overview company-leaders

        Is it just an HR technology platform?

        Namely’s platform is only the starting point of how we partner with mid-sized companies. Beyond our technology, we offer:

        platform overview client success

        Client Success

        Proactive support to help you make the most of Namely

        platform overview managed services

        Enhanced Services: Payroll

        Get the assistance your business needs to run its payroll through Namely.

        platform overview benefits consulting

        Enhanced Services: Benefits

        Expert consultants drive a long-term strategy that your company can deliver to employees in Namely’s Benefits Administration module.

        See Namely in action. Tour our platform.