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      1. Employee Onboarding

        With each new group of employees comes a new set of tasks, forms, and compliance standards to meet. Streamline your people operations in a single system of record and set up new hires for success before they even walk in the door.


        Onboarding Software Features

        Configurable Templates

        Modify existing onboarding templates to address your company’s unique needs.

        Streamlined & Paperless Process

        Eliminate dual system entry and manual paperwork with unlimited eSignature forms.

        E-Verify Integration

        Reduce administrative burden and stay in compliance with a delivered integration to E-Verify.

        Single Platform of Record

        New hires can quickly and easily access fundamental employee applications.

        Stay Compliant

        All new-hire forms are safely stored within Namely to help you stay compliant.


        Ensure new hires get a positive first impression with intuitive and modern technology.

        It takes the whole company to train and shape a new hire into a successful employee.


        See how Namely can improve your onboarding process and help grow your company.