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      1. Managed Services & HR Outsourcing

        Our team of experts provides HR support and guidance – so you can focus on your people.

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        Managed Services & HR Outsourcing Features

        Namely Administration

        We build your workflows, review cycles, onboarding templates, and more.

        Payroll Administration

        Let Namely handle payroll processing and reporting tasks.

        Benefits Administration

        As your broker, we'll manage eligibility and enrollment on your behalf.

        Data Imports

        We handle the mass updates necessary to keep your people data accurate.

        HR Templates

        Job descriptions, handbooks, performance reviews, and more.

        Employee Service Center

        We answer employee questions on W?2s, benefits, and using the platform.

        Payroll Tax Registration

        Expanding to new states? We'll assist with the tax registration process.

        EEO-1 & Vets-100

        Guidance with EEO-1 & Vets-4212 report preparation.

        Employment Verification

        Verifications and unemployment claims best practice advice.

        managed services mirlande

        Personal support from our team of HR outsourcing experts.


        Free yourself from day-to-day HR administration.

        Namely's Managed Services offering nailed the element of relationship-building I was hoping to see from a broker, as well as the level of support I was hoping to see from a PEO.

        See how Namely's technology and services can simplify HR at your company.