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      1. Benefits Administration

        Empower employees to make smart enrollment choices—on a platform that’s easy for you, too.


        See Namely Benefits Administration

        Benefits Administration Features

        Online Enrollment

        Paperless enrollment in a modern and intuitive wizard.

        Embedded Support

        Reduce errors and make enrollment simple with plan comparison and help tools throughout.

        Easy Plan Configuration

        Manage plans easily and efficiently with our best of breed benefits setup tool.

        Stay Compliant

        Ensure accurate elections with global enrollment maximums and embedded election rules.

        Unified HR & Payroll Data

        Once admins sign off, deductions automatically flow into payroll with our integration.

        ACA Reporting

        Generate 1094 and 1095 forms and we will file on your behalf.

        Learn More about ACA Reporting

        Carrier Feeds

        As employees select their benefits in Namely, they can be automatically enrolled with carriers using EDI feeds.

        Mobile Insight

        View current benefit plan information at any time, on the go.


        One-click census reports, benefits billing insights, and more.

        Learn More about Reporting

        Namely has allowed us to spend less time administering and explaining our systems, and more time focused on making it easy for people to do the right things.

        Not only has Namely given me access to all the information I need, but it also enables employees to do the same. Plus, training employees to get what they need from one system (rather than three) has added up to a lot of saved time.

        An easy-to-use benefits platform is within reach.